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Smart Shop - Next Generation Retail Software
Introducing new Smart Shop, the next generation retail software which helps you to take your business to next level. Smart Shop is a simple, easy to use inventory & accounting software designed for all kinds of retail businesses. Its simple graphical interface allows users to do the transactions easily and without any prior experience in any software. Autocompletion feature increase the data entry speed to its maximum. Keep track of all your business transaction such as purchase invoice, purchase return, sales invoice, sales return, quotation, stock adjustment, damage stock entries in a few mouse clicks. Products/items can be classified into categories & groups for better visibility of inventory. Smart Shop is compatible with barcode scanners and you can use barcode scanners to manage your inventory more quickly and accurately. Built-in accounting module will automatically create necessary accounting entries during every inventory transactions. Smart Shop Lite Edition is designed for users with no accounting knowledge. Just purchase the items and sell it, leave rest to Smart Shop !!! It contains more than 100 reports including professionaly designed analytical reports which will shows the exact status of your business. Smart Shop supports multi-user environment with form/button level privileges. A built-in backup & restore utility will take care of any accidentalloss of data.
Smart Shop - Features at a glance
Streamline Your Business   Straightforward   Data Management
Business Tracking Business Tracking
Track all your business activities like purchases, sales, returns, receipts, payments, incomes, expences, etc in your finger tip.
Closer Look On Inventory Closer Look On Inventory
Easily classify & maintain your items/products by category/group/brand/manufacture, etc which will help you to track the inventory easily.
Accurate Costing Accurate Costing
Smart Shop supports three different types of industry standard costing methods like Last Purchased, Weighted Average and Manual.
Pricing/Promotion Pricing/Promotion
Design & manage your promotion strategy with Smart Shop which will allow you to easily setup promotions for a particular period or permanent price change.
Analytical Report Analytical Report
Built in with number of professionaly designed analytical reports shows what exactly happening in your business with a couple of clicks.
Simple & Elegant GUI Simple & Elegant GUI
Its unique & simple GUI makes you to do your transactions easier than ever. Autocompletion of fields boost your data entry speed.
Barcode Integration Barcode Integration
Assign barcodes to items and use scanners for faster data entry and less mistakes. You can also create custom barcodes & print barcodes with minimum cost.
Touch Screen Touch Screen
Smart Shop’s Point Of Sale (POS) is designed to work with touch screen environment. Its unique button style & options will make you to do transactions easily.
Multi User Environment   Multi User Environment
You can design your business environment with multiple levels of user permissions. Smart Shop supports menu/form/button level security which will help you to manage your business easily.
Codeless Technology Codeless Technology
Codeless technology makes user to easily create all masters such as category, groups, supplier, customer, etc depends on business needs without entering & remembering codes.
Security Security
The new flexible security console will helps to you design & implements user security as per your business requirements.
Backup/Restore Backup/Restore
The new robust Backup & Restore utility will help you to take database backup while running your application & restore database in simple clicks.
Event Viewer Event Viewer
The new Event Viewer will record all the activities happens in your business organizations. This will help you to reduce any fraud activity.
Excel Import Excel Import
Create masters (uom, caregory, group,items, etc) easily by importing Excel file. A single Excel file can create all masters with a sophisticated wizard.
Item History Item History
You can simply enter an item code to see all of its transaction like purchases, sales, returns, damage stock entries, stock adjustments, etc in a single window.